रामदास रामदास । हाचि सदा निदिध्यास ।
लागावा तो रात्रंदिस । आपुल्या मना ।।


Pictorial Biography


Shri Suryanarayan’s darshan to Suryajipant and Ranubai in the form of Brahmana and boon to beget the son. Birth of Gangadhar & Narayan accordingly.

Once Child Narayan sat in the store room meditating. His mother searched the house and found him in this room. When his mother asked him what he was doing here, Narayan said, 'Chinta Krito Vishwachi! - Mother! I am worried about the world!’


Establishment of the first monastery during practicing asceticism in village Takli. By installing the idol of Hanuman with an aim of creating a healthy society from the monasteries.

Shri Shahaji Raje Bhosale met Samarth at Takli.


Samarth met his mother Ranubai and healed blindness by bestowing the vision of Lord Ram.

Meet of Shri Samarth, Shri Moraya Gosavi Mahasadhu and Shree sant Tukaram Maharaj at Mangalmurti Wada in Chinchwad.


Idols of Lord Ram and Shri Mahishasurmardini Devi were found in Krishna river at Angapur. Establishment of a magnificent temple of Lord Rama at Chafal and installation of Shri Mahishasurmardini aka Angai Devi at Sajjangad.

Shri Samarth blessed Shri Shivaji Maharaj at Singanwadi near Chafal.


Shri Kalyan Swami, a beloved disciple of Shri Samarth, used to bring two large pots of water from the river Urvashi to the fort. Carrying Samarth on his shoulders, he crossed the river during the flood of Krishna river.

Once Samarth and Kalyanaswami were walking on the edge of Sajjangad. Samarth exclaimed, 'Kalyan! Chhati (a piece of clothing worn on the torso) got caught by the wind!' On hearing this, without a moment's delay, Kalyanaswami jumped from the ramparts of the fort to grab it.


Examination of his disciples by Shri Samarth. Run! Run! Brahmapisa is approaching!

Shree Samarth tests the firm belief of his disciple Bholarama.


Shri Samarth destroyed the pride and ego of Shri Sadashiv Shastri Yevlekar alias Vasudev Gosavi, who was well versed in Vedas and blessed him.

Shree Samarth gave darshan to his disciple Venna Swami in the form of Hanumana at Sajjangad at meal time.


The great Nirvana event of Shri Samarth Shishya Vennaswami.

Blessed sculptor from Sri Vyankoji Raje Bhosale Thanjavarkar's court created Idols of Lord Ram, Lakshamana, Sita and Hanuman.


Sitting in front of the idols of Lord Ram which were brought from Thanjavur attained Mahasamadhi on Magha Krishna Navami at Sajjangad.

Appearing from the Samadhi of Shri Samarth, Shri Samarth gave Darshan to his beloved disciple Shri Kalyan Swami.


According to the wishes of Shri Samarth, his descendants were called from Jamb and given the charge of Sansthan by Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. From here onwards the post of head of the institute i.e. Adhikari Swami started.