आकल्प सह्याद्रिशिखरस्थान । समर्थस्वामींचे अधिष्ठान ।
संतसज्जन सुख स्वानंदघन । आनंदे उच्छाह करिताती ॥


How To Reach

(Distance from various cities to Sajjangad)

Sajjangad is sanctified by the presence of Shri Samarth! This place has a unique significance in Maharashtrian history. Sajjangad, known as the religious capital of the Swarajya, is a place of worship for all. Every year many devotees from all over the country, including Maharashtra, come to the fort to pay obeisance to Shri Samarth and get blessed with Mahaprasada.

The city of Satara is an important hub to reach the fort. To reach Satara, there is excellent road and railway transport facility from various cities of the country. To reach from Mumbai, one can take National Highway 4 route via Pune. One can reach Satara from Konkan, via Kolhapur by National Highway 4 route. Solapur and Pune are two routes to reach Satara from Marathwada and Vidarbha. Those who are from Solapur can reach Satara via the Pandharpur and Gondavale route.