सह्याद्रिगिरीचा विभाग विलसें मंदारशृंगापरी ।
नामें सज्जन जो नृपें वसविला श्रीउर्वशीचें तिरी ।
साकेताधिपती कपि भगवती हें देव ज्याचे शिरीं ।
येथें जागृत रामदास विलसें जो या जनां उध्दरी ।।


History & tradition of 373 years

A person of spiritual discipline, having a sense of duty would efficiently serve the society. According to Samarth the ideal form of Virakta i.e., a person, who has detached himself from all the temptations and expectations of the world is someone who whilst being detached and selfless, constantly strives for the welfare and betterment of society while following his spiritual order. Shri Samarth believed that an organization consisting of such dedicated and committed persons would create the kind of awareness in the society needed for its spiritual as well as material upliftment.. This was the ‘fons et origo’ or the mainspring for the establishment of ‘Shri Ramdas Swami Sansthan’.



Shri Ramdasswami Sansthan Sajjangad

Accommodation facility at Sajjangad has started from Monday 25th October 2021. The following application form is mandatory to avail accommodation facility. Download the PDF of the application by clicking on the link below. After printing the application, fill it in legible handwriting and send the photo of the application to the WhatsApp number 9423034112 of the Sansthan. For more information read the rules in the application or contact the Sajjangad office.