सदुपासना सत्कर्म । सत्क्रिया आणि स्वधर्म ।
सत्संग आणि नित्यनेम । निरंतर ।।



At Shri Samarth Samadhi Temple Kirtana, Discourses, Singing, etc. cultural services are rendered on various occasions throughout the year. Many dignitaries come to Shrikshetra Sajjangad and offer their services at Shri Samarth Darbar. These services are mainly performed on the occasion of Dasanavami Mahotsav, Guru Purnima Utsav. On the other days as well, devotees are given the opportunity to offer their services at Shree Samarth Samadhi Temple throughout the year. Samsthan has reserved 2 to 5 pm time slought every day for rendering these services. It is necessary to apply for the same. After filling the application, the application is verified and contact is made if a chance is given for rendering such services. The management of the entire institution (Samsthan) reserves the right to plan the performances.