सदुपासना सत्कर्म । सत्क्रिया आणि स्वधर्म ।
सत्संग आणि नित्यनेम । निरंतर ।।



The management of the temple was in the possession of the Collector and the Court of Wards from 1932 to 1987. During this period, with the permission of the Collector and Court of Wards, the Sajjangad Improvement Board and later the Shreesamrth Seva Mandal carried out the restoration work till about 1975.

The Samarth Samadhi Temple and all the other temples at Sajjangad were returned to the Sansthan in the year 2000 on the orders of the Assistant Charity Commissioner.From there the restoration work was mainly done.

  1. The marble floor was laid in the Shree Samarth Samadhi temple 15 Lac
  2. Waterproofing work in Shree Samarth Math. Laying the floor – 10 Lac
  3. Construction of Shri Samarth Mahaprasadgriha for devotees – 30 Lac
  4. “Anandvan Bhavan” and “Akkaswami Smriti” are two Buildings with modern amenities have been constructed for the accommodation of devotees – 2 Crores
  5. Sajjangad Sansthan Water Supply Scheme in collaboration with Government of Maharashtra – Rs. 1 Cr. 43 Lac
  6. New construction of Veda school 20 Lac
  7. Construction of Goshala 10 Lac
  8. Reconstruction of Maruti Temple installed by Shri Samarth because of the contribution made by SB Bhai Wangade.
  9. Shri Anil Ramdas contributed, for the reconstruction of Anglai Devi temple, one of the managing families of Maruti Temple Manpadle, the one temple out of the 11 famous Maruti Temples established by Shri Samarth. In the year 2015.
  10. Renovation of the damaged peak of Shri Samarth Samadhi Temple.
  11. Reconstruction of Kalyan Udi Memorial.
  12. Reconstruction of the peak of Pethetil Maruti temple.
  13. Spacious car park by purchasing 5 acres of land for parking.
  14. Railings and footpaths have been constructed for the safety of pilgrims coming to Sajjangad.
  15. Trees are being conserved by planting a large number of trees on Sajjangad.
  16. Construction of toilet complex for devotees.
  17. Hot water facility for devotees by installing solar energy equipments on the residential building of devotees.