सदुपासना सत्कर्म । सत्क्रिया आणि स्वधर्म ।
सत्संग आणि नित्यनेम । निरंतर ।।


Water Supple Scheme

Sajjangad Sansthan Water Supply Scheme An endeavour of Sansthan fulfilled with the help of Government of Maharashtra.
Ramdas Swami Sansthan has taken lots of efforts to make this pilgrim site worthy of its historical & spiritual merit. Prior to 2013, water from the Urmodi river, the river that flows along the village Parali which is at the foothills of Sajjangad, was used for drinking purposes. The Sansthan installed a large water motor pump for fetching the water from the river to Sajjangad. However, huge electricity consumption was involved in this process. In addition to this, interruption in water supply due to the frequent malfunctioning of the water pump and untimely load shedding further aggravated the problem. Frequently the free food (Mahaprasad) served on Sajjangad had to be suspended and in summers the situation used to worsen to the point where devotees had to be requested to not visit Sajjangad due to the acute shortage of water.

To resolve these issues once and for all, Ramdas Swami Sansthan devised a water supply scheme and proposed it to the government of Maharashtra and took rigorous efforts to follow-up the issue with the Government authorities.

Mr. S.G. alias Balasaheb Swami (Chartered Accountant), Trustee of the Sansthan, was at the forefront of proposing and following up the scheme with the government authorities and worked relentlessly to turn this scheme into reality. In response to these efforts the then Water Resources Minister Mr. Ajitdada Pawar approved the water supply scheme for Sajjangad giving it his personal attention & Sajjangad Sansthan Water Supply Scheme of Rs. 1 crore 43 lakhs was approved. The scheme was partially funded by the Government of Maharashtra and partially by the invaluable donations of the devotees in response to the appeal made by the Sansthan. The project was inaugurated on Sunday, March 3, 2013.

Unique features of Sajjangad Sansthan Water Supply Scheme –

For this Water Supply Scheme, water from a fresh water lake situated near the village of Pangare which lies about 6kms from sajjangad is being used. A six-kilometer water pipeline has been installed from Pangare lake to Sajjangad. From the western side of Sajjangad, one is able to see the water pipeline installed in the connected hills and can see it travelling through these hills and all the way into the water tank installed on Sajjangad. Since there are no villages near Pangare lake, the water of the entire lake is pure. This lake is located at an altitude which is 300 feet higher than Sajjangad thus enabling the water to be transported over the entire distance of 6 kms by means of gravity alone. In other words, zero electricity is consumed in order to fetch the water from the reservoir to Sajjangad and through this innovative project the Sansthan has set an example of “Save Power” as the power you save is the power you earn! This challenging and truly eco-friendly project has become a reality today, thanks to the persistent efforts of Shri Ramdas Swami Sansthan and kind cooperation of visionary Deputy Chief Minister Hon. Ajitdada Pawar. The Sansthan has also installed a purification plant in the water supply system thus making the already clean water extra safe for consumption.

The government has handed over the water supply Scheme to Shri Ramdas Swami Sansthan and now the age-old problem of quality & scarcity of water on Sajjangad has been permanently resolved. Since 2013, Sansthan has been supplying clean and abundant water to thousands of devotees who visit Sajjangad and also to the local residents.

Samarth Ramdas Swami has commented on variety of things in his writings one of which is the importance of water which he articulates in the following words:

नदीचे उदक वाहत गेले। तो ते निरर्थक चालले।
जरी बांधोन काढले। नाना तीरी कालवे।।
उदक निर्गेने वर्तविले। नाना जीनसी पीक काढिले।
पुढे उदकाचे जालें। पीक सुवर्ण।।

– श्रीसमर्थ रामदासस्वामी

Meaning: The water of the river goes unutilized many times. Instead, one should build reservoirs. When the water is channelized properly, it can be used to take a variety of crops which in turn brings prosperity to the society. Keeping in mind this visionary and practical message of Shri Samarth, the Sansthan has utilised water in an efficient manner without any wastage.