सदुपासना सत्कर्म । सत्क्रिया आणि स्वधर्म ।
सत्संग आणि नित्यनेम । निरंतर ।।



There are two residential buildings for Samarth devotees in the Shree Samarth Samadhi temple area. Since accommodation is available in the temple premises, devotees can enjoy the temple activities by attending them on time. Each room has a separate bathroom and toilet (Indian / Western). There is a hot water system. Accommodation is free. Tea at 6 am, breakfast at 9-30 am, lunch and dinner are all free. The room has a fan, a cot, mattresses, etc.

Accommodation is arranged for a day only. No pre-registration is available. However, if prior notice is given there will not be an inconvenience. Identity card for residence e.g. One of Aadhar Card / PAN Card / Passport / Driving License required Marriage registration certificate is required if last name changes due to marriage.

Sajjangad is not a tourist destination. A religious place should have appropriate attire and behavior. As it is a religious place, one should attend the religious program held at Shri Samarth Samadhi Mandir and experience peace of mind and grace of Shri Samarth.